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MW3 Warzone Verdansk new map and slide cancelling ability is about to hit

Updated: March 10, 2024 09:23

New Modern Warfare 3 comes with some exciting updations like slide cancelling ability and an all-new map Warzone map named Verdansk. Metaphor a Call of Duty League's (CDL) Toronto Ultra's content creator has tweeted about the details. The news is almost confirmed that a new Warzone map is going to be introduced in Modern Warfare 3 2023. All the COD fans have waited for these maps for so long, and we have also covered many news regarding it in a few months. The content creator also mentioned that slide cancelling ability is now been available in its upcoming update of Modern Warfare 3's Warzone map.

Fans are getting more and more excited as they await the release of the newly announced MW3 Warzone Verdansk new map. The new map should have a fresh and distinctive layout that separates it from earlier concepts like Al Mazrah and Caldera. Even while some fans might have desired to see the new Verdansk's hiding spots, best-aim places, buildings, etc, the new map will go to build an addiction the gamers.

According to Metaphor content creator, the new map looks magnificent and boasts a ton of building structures and places that make this new map more exciting to play. Players will have plenty of chances to strategically reclaim control during intense gameplay thanks to the emphasis on more building-based combat and the limitation of open areas. So players have to fight long to retrain their position.

The second new feature is a slide-cancelling technique, Slide-cancelling ability was a popular technique used by players in previous Call of Duty games like Modern Warfare 2. It lets players balance speed loss during slides which results in an improvement in aiming at enemies. The reintroduction of the ability to make games exciting and recall old memories.

These two new features in MW3 Warzone will attract more battel royal gamers to Call Of Duty once again. The developers also think the same as we think. I can promise this is going to create lots of buzz around it.

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