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OPPO F23, OPPO F23 Pro 5G with 67W SUPERVOOC fast charging

Updated: May 06, 2023 20:09

The most popular smartphone manufacturing company OPPO is going to add one more phone to its smartphone lineup named OPPO F23 Pro 5G. This phone will be the upgradation of OPPO’s F-series for 2023 with the latest specs and features.
The company is planning to provide the most premium features with this OPPO F23 Pro 5G smartphone which the end consumer will love. We have to see more information about this phone when it's fully released by OPPO. Then I will provide you with a complete review of whether it is value for money or not.

OPPO will be going to launch two smartphones in this lineup F23 Pro 5G and F23. Both devices will have almost the same specs except for 5G connectivity. The cameras have different high-resolution in both devices. Both phones will have fast charging capabilities with huge battery packs.
The company will launch these devices in the mid-range segment with all the premium features.
The pricing and availability of the OPPO F23 Pro 5G and the normal OPPO F23 are not published by company officials.

Expected specifications and features of OPPO F23 Pro 5G

There are whispers in the tech world that the all-new OPPO F23 Pro 5G is about to hit the market with premium specs in the mid-range segment, and it's said to be available in two stylish colors: Gold and Black. The phone will boast a whopping 8GB of RAM and 256GB of internal storage, perfect for power users and anyone who needs lots of space for their apps and files. The triple-camera setup on the back is sure to impress, with a 64MP primary sensor that's accompanied by two 2MP sensors, while the front camera is a 32MP sensor that's perfect for selfies and video calls.

One of the most exciting features of the OPPO F23 Pro 5G is its fast charging capability. With 67W SUPERVOOC fast charging, you'll be able to charge the phone up to 100 percent in just 30 minutes, which is a significant improvement from the previous generation. It's great news for anyone who's always on the go and needs their phone to be fully charged at all times.

In addition to the F23 Pro 5G, OPPO is also rumored to be launching a standard version of the F23. Like its Pro counterpart, it will be available in Gold and Black and come with 8GB of RAM and 256GB of internal storage. The camera setup on the back will be slightly different, with a 48MP primary sensor and two 2MP sensors, while the front camera will be a 16MP sensor that's still pretty impressive.

Both phones are expected to come with 5G connectivity, which means you'll be able to enjoy lightning-fast internet speeds and smooth performance. They're also set to feature high-resolution displays, fast and efficient processors, and long-lasting batteries. It's an exciting time for smartphone enthusiasts, and the OPPO F23 Pro 5G and its standard counterpart are sure to be two of the most talked-about phones of the year.

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