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Samsung Galaxy S24 series might come with a pre-installed ChatGPT browser

Updated: July 22, 2023 18:43

Samsung is planning to integrate ChatGPT in the upcoming flagship Samsung Galaxy S24 series smartphone. Rumors are indicating that the company may have pre-installed a browser that is dedicated to ChatGTP. The phone will be launched next year, it's an upgraded version of the Galaxy S24 series smartphone.
Some exciting leaks are circulating on social media platforms that the Galaxy S24 series will have a 144Hz refresh-rate display, which is the highest specs for a smartphone very few smartphones in the premium gaming category have this feature. As the coampany gives the best phone camera in this lineup so this Galaxy S24 also has the best 200MP camera sensor. The company is progressing its devices year by year.

One Twitter user named Ice Universe suggest use that Samsung is developing an AI technology for the upcoming Galaxy S24 series smartphone.

Although Samsung has its own Bixby, this time they are not working on integrating Artificial Intelligence. The news is almost confirmed that the company is going to integrate AI into the Galaxy S24 lineup.

On the other hand, the company has issued an internal memo for the employees to stop using generative AI tools like Bard and ChatGPT, because of security consensus.

Recently, Samsung has taken significant steps towards the development of AI chips and AI tools by collaborating with Naver Corporation, the will boost the company's potential and improves its devices. In this partnership, Samsung is going to provide Naver with semiconductor data which will improve the upcoming generative AI technology.

Whereas Android Authority reveals that Samsung is exploring the integration of ChatGPT within its web browser, which is going to hit hard Google. Because Samsung is the best player in smartphone manufacturing. If Sasumg integrates ChatGPT in its GAlaxy S24 series then slowly the company will also provide some features to low-end devices, which will destroy Google as a search engine.
Both the companies Samsung and Naver have not yet announced officially but we know that this is going to happen. The traditional search engine is going to be over soon, If Samsung will do so all other companies will follow the same steps. I think OnePlus will soon follow the same footprint and integrate ChatGPT into their devices.

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