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Hyperkin Xenon will make Xbox 360 controller with modern features

Updated: May 03, 2023 15:45

Now Microsoft has also jumped into a futuristic gaming controllers market with its Xbox 360. Since Sony PlayStation launched its new DualSense remote controller in the latest PS5 gaming console. Microsoft's Xbox is lagging so they have also decided to give proper competition to the PS5 console with its new Xbox gaming console. The company was continuing its traditional leagues of the gaming console but now it seems that now they are excited to make huge changes in their console.

Although the Microsoft Xbox 360 controller is giving much more comfort compared to their competitor, most gamers agree at this point but then also most of the popular gamers hyped PS5’s DualSense controller. Microsoft has made many changes in the latest Xbox One and Xbox Series X boast compared to its previous generations of gaming consoles. But Sony has done a great job in marketing its new haptics and adaptive triggers technology of its new DualSense remote controller. Whereas many gamers have pointed it out not being as good as it seems.

Tech Pradesh has seen a huge demand for Xbox among gamers which the company has to work on it. We are very much thankful that Hyperkin has taken this remarkable decision to provide modern upgrades to upcoming Xbox gaming consoles.

We have a huge expectation that Microsoft will do hard work on designing new technology. Whereas all the previous generations of Xbox has many cosmetic drow backs in their design that we are expecting to be totally removed in upcoming consoles.

The company's tradition of four light quadrants is visible in this controller with the addition of a Share Button. And the rest of the design is the same compared to their private generations. But Hyperkin has no wireless technology in their Xenon. Although this new controller is compatible with the previous Xbox Series X/S. Xbox One, and Windows PCs for gaming. The compatibility with the gaming PCs will attract more gamers who have invested in gaming PC build or who love to play games on PC only.

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