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Vivo TWS 3, TWS 3 Pro with Bluetooth 5.3 and LE Audio support

Updated: September 28, 2023 14:26

After having expertise in the selfie camera of smartphones Vivo has entered an all-new market with their True Wireless Earbuds named Vivo TWS 3 and TWS 3 Pro. The company launched these earbuds in China on 22nd November 2022. The company is claiming that they have now improved noise cancellation in both models compared to their previous generation of truly wireless (TWS) earbuds. These earbuds come with support for Qualcomm's aptX Lossless codec that utilises a 1.2Mbps bitrate along with wide-band speakers that cover sounds in the range of 5Hz to 40kHz which enhances your music experience with the best gaming ability. Both the earbud models corries a single 12.2mm driver with a 3-layer nano-composite diaphragm that helps in the dynamic response of the new devices.

Vivo TWS 3, TWS 3 Pro prices in India, and China

Vivo has launched its latest TWS 3 earbuds at CNY 500 which comes to approx Rs. 5,750 in India. Whereas Vivo TWS 3 Pro comes at CNY 1000 which comes to approximately Rs. 11,500 in India.

Currently, the earbuds are available for pre-order in China, and the sales of vanilla Vivo TWS 3 begin on November 30 in China. The Pro model will be available for sale from next month December 6.

Both TWS earbuds will be available in White, and Blue Hue colour options.

Vivo TWS 3, TWS 3 Pro specification and features

The most highlighting feature in these Vivo TWS 3, and Vivo TWS 3 Pro earbuds is their noise-cancellation Vivo has upgraded to a new level. You will early notice the change in the noise-cancellation feature by listing the latest song on these earbuds. We will come to know all the in-depth details when we get hands-on. The company has reduced noise reduction by up to 48dB with a sound frequency of up to 4,000Hz in TWS 3. On the other hand, the Pro version of TWS 3 reduces by 49 dB.

The buds have a frequency range of between 5Hz to 40kHz which is quite impressive. For wireless connectivity both the TWS earbuds model uses Bluetooth 5.3 and LE Audio support with 55ms of latency, which is quite impressive for wireless gaming. The company has given 360-degree spatial audio in these earbuds which makes the audio more real by giving the surround sound.

These buds have ANC noise level adjustments which allow them to be triggered to match a user's surroundings with leeway for enhancing human speech recognized while someone is talking to you. It also features a high-quality binaural audio recording, that utilises three mic-per buds which are simultaneously engaged for ANC during calls making it handier.

Taking the battery backup of Vivo TWS 3 earbuds without ANC features enabled provides 10 hours of playback time on a single charge and while including the battery of the carrying case it can offer 40 hours of battery backup. The Vivo TWS 3 Pro earbuds (earphones) come with 6.8 hours of battery life without ANC enable last 6.8 hours while it can last up to 30 hours more with the charging case.

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