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Google TV operating system got free storage with smooth performance

Updated: May 08, 2023 18:21

Your smart tv will now become more smother than before because the most popular company in search engines Google has provided an update in Google TV streaming devices that will make your smart televisions more faster. It will improve the performance of the smart tv with a high-quality viewing experience. Google TV has been upgraded day by day and becomes smarter with the best interface. Google TV is one of the best interfaces that can be used by the young as well as older generations very easily.
The latest update Google is rolling will smoother the operation of your smart tv, and experience an increase in performance.

The company has officially announced the latest update on the Google TV support page. It reveals all the changes that occur for improving the experience of users.

Not only this update is smoothing the operation but it also gives some free storage by compressing the Google TV operating system storage size. This update will also decrease application size which allow you to download more apps on your television. The hibernation feature inside Google TV helps a lot in cleaning the storage and providing storage for new apps. The hibernation feature works when you have not opened a particular app for over 30 days the Google TV provides space without deleting the app automatically.

First, it introduces Android 12 by Google, a force-stop app, and also clears up temporary files. This optimization prioritizes storage space and also enhances the overall performance.

According to the official published page, Google is providing an Android App Bundle with Google TV apps that free up by 25 percent.

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