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Google Wear OS 4 will get a massive update on the Nest doorbell, Gmail, etc

Updated: May 14, 2023 15:36

Google has given a massive update in its latest Wear OS 4, the company has announced this update in Google I/O 2023. The new update includes the support of WhatsApp calls, the Google Home app, Google Calendar, and Gmail in the latest smartwatch operating system update. The company will start rolling out this all-new update in the upcoming month. The Wear OS 4 update comes with the most advanced features you can also listen to music by operating Spotify from your smartwatch.
In the official blog post published by Google regarding this new Wear OS 4 update, we get known that this company will give some of the features in the upcoming month and the rest of the features on Wear OS 4 will roll later with the new update versions. This update in Wear OS will allow you to access all the apps like Gmail, Calendar, and Google Home from your smartwatch, previously we need to operate all these from our smartphone. This update will eliminate the dependence on your smartphone, now you can do everything from your wrist.

The company said this new update will allow users to operate their Nest doorbell notifications remotely about opening and closing.
Google has a partnership with Samsung for building this Wear OS 4 Watch Faces which provides you the most premium look to your smartwatch. The developers have designed the watch faces to be easily operated and user-friendly.

Users can easily access the company's in-house apps like Gmail by sending emails and replying to them. On the other hand, the Watch OS allows users to check task status and their schedules directly from their watch on Google Celender.

This new Wear OS 4 update will also improve the battery life of your smartwatch. Additionally, it gets a faster text-to-speech feature that will help users to listen their text messages on the phone. You can also take backups and restore important files directly from the watch. It enhances security and protects your data while transferring to your respective device and improves the compatibility with your watch and smartphone.

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