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Oceanic+ app is finally live on App Store for Apple Watch Ultra only

Updated: March 29, 2023 18:14

The most advance smartwatch company Apple announced Apple Watch Ultra in September 2022. The Watch Ultra comes in in premium smartwatch category rugged environment design. The company has launched it for users who love action and do lots of adventures and explorers, that's the way the watch carries a large titanium case with an ‘Action button' on the watch for various operations. The company has started its sale as they launch its 2022 Apple Watch Ultra in India. Taking about this premium smartwatch the most interesting feature is the ability to work as a diver's computer on their wrist. Now Apple has finally enabled Oceanic+ app functions that are targeted to divers, users can also download on App Store the application is now live.

The well-known technology company worked with Oceanic, which specializes in manufacturing diving equipment. Oceanic has done a great job in developing this Oceanic+ app by recognizing the demand from divers around the globe. Expected users can download this app on their iPhones and Apple Watch as well. Oceanic+ app works with hardware that is already given by the Apple Watch Ultra from the day first of the launch. All the necessary data that is required for divers during deep-sea diving is provided on their smartwatches, which means divers can carry a small computer with them while diving in the deep sea.

Talking about the advanced features of this Oceanic+ app that offers an inbuilt decompression data, variometer, and even a GPS-enhanced post-dive log book, etc. Apple Watch Ultra is also able to ​​monitor current depth, the remaining dive time, and ascent rates with this Oceanic+ app. The data which the watch collects while diving is automatically synced up in your iPhone app when it comes nearby.

Currently, the Oceanic+ app is free for everyone but it is only useful on Apple Watch Ultra. But for some advanced features you have to buy a premium subscription of Rs. 899.00/mo and Rs. 7,500.00/yr, or if you just want this application to work on a particular day you can pay only Rs. 89.00/day.

According to Apple, they claim this application is not only suitable for deep-sea divers but it is also be used while snorkelling or surface swimming also with Apple Watch Ultra only.

Apple Watch Ultra which was launched in September this year comes with 36 hours of battery life on a single charge. It carries the best battery life compared to its other Apple Watch models launched in the past. Currently, the Apple Watch Ultra is available at Rs. 89,900 in India which is very much costly according to most Indian consumers. The watch comes with the all-new 49mm aerospace-grade titanium body. Along with the body the watch also offers dual-frequency support for GPS algorithms. It comes with just one action button that can be able to perform all the programs and functions.

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