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OPPO is introducing its next-gen ColorOS 14 like Apple's Dynamic Island

Updated: October 12, 2023 15:31

In the world of Android smartphones, OPPO is going to introduce its next-gen ColorOS 14 UI, and it has a user experience like we have seen in iPhone's Dynamic Island and Huawei's Live Window. That will be going to provide the best user experience that we have ever seen. The ColorOS 14 is developed based on the Android 14 operating system.

ColorOS 14 is about to introduce a smart window feature, it's for your punch-hole camera or if your phone has just a single hole-punch camera.

It gets a capsule reminder display that smartly shows all your notifications. It flips between a capsule and a card which makes sure your important info is just a glance away. It's like having a personal assistant who helps you to be on time.

This seems like Apple's Dynamic Island from the iPhone 14 Pro series. But you see there are always mixed reviews some people love ColorOS 14 and some people don't, But the company has done a great job by providing user-friendly UI.

In a world where smartphone features can sometimes feel like old news, ColorOS 14 is here to remind us that there are still unknown territories in the smartphone domain. Which open a new smart window and capsule reminder display, ColorOS 14 isn't just following the crowd; it's leading the charge, setting the standard higher for Android.

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