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Samsung's new One UI for Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 and Watch 5 Pro

Updated: May 06, 2023 00:33

Samsung has now announced the Samsung's One UI 5 smartwatch update. The Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 was launched last year in August 2022, but this time the watch has got its One UI update that makes this watch more smart and advanced. At the moment this update is not yet released for everyone, we all have to wait more for this, and it could add some more advanced features as the day pass. The company has taken a good step with this One UI 5 which allows us to monitor our health, wellness, and safety. You can try the beta version that is only compatible with the latest Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 and Galaxy Watch 5 Pro. The UI may release more versions of the smartwatch later this year.

Samsung officials have shared the complete details of this upcoming update. By having a look the new specs look more promising at first glimpse but it could have some more updates and improve slowly after the stable version release.
In this new update users can personalized Heart Rate Zone that provides real-time analysis during workouts. After the update, these smartwatches can create a customized interval training program with five intensity levels warm-up, fat burn, cardio, hard training, and maximum effort which is very much required for today's generation. The company has done a great job after analyzing in-depth current audiences what they require or what they don't want in their latest smartwatch.

Galaxy Watch Pro users have already been enjoying the benefits of GPX files for their Route workout, which includes hiking and cycling options. But with an upcoming update, walking and running will also be added to the mix. Users can now download GPX files from within the Samsung Health app and filter them according to location, time, rating, and popularity.

The new Sleep Insights UI will provide users with a more comprehensive understanding of their sleep with just a glance. The watch face will now display a sleep score, along with details on sleep phases, snoring hours, and even blood oxygen levels. Samsung's Sleep Coaching will also be fully accessible through the Galaxy Watch, making it even easier for users to monitor their sleep details.

In life, unexpected situations can happen, so it's reassuring to have assistance available when needed. The SOS feature is now even more advanced, with capabilities such as relaying location and medical information. Additionally, Fall Detection will be automatically activated depending on the user's age.

Over the years, technology has increasingly focused on health and wellness, especially with wearables. Apple and Google have already embraced this trend with their respective watches, and Samsung is following suit. While Samsung has given us a sneak peek of what's to come, it remains to be seen how much more this will be fleshed out when the update is released to the public.

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